Exposure to the capabilities of a native MS-directed integrated structural biology approach is only the first step. Our mission is to disseminate novel technologies and their applications throughout the broader biomedical research community. A comprehensive training program will educate potential users in state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies that might solve their biomedical macromolecular characterization problems.

Training Requests

Please contact us via the Training Request Form if you are interested in learning more about a native MS-directed integrated structural biology approach. Inquire about the following:

  • ASMS Short Course offerings
  • Hands-on Workshops (OSU/Texas A&M)
  • Web conferencing
  • In-person data discussions
  • Remote Operation/Team Viewer tuning
  • Beta Installation Reciprocal Visits
  • Data Analysis Software Tools
  • Online training
  • On-site training
  • Tours
  • Postdoctoral training opportunities
  • Other special requests

Vicki Wysocki:

“Analyzing Very Large Protein Complexes Using Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry at The Ohio State University”