Collaboration drives all aspects of the Resource. Technology Research and Development is fostered by collaborations with Industry and Technology Partners, Software Consultants, National Lab Partners, and researchers from across the nation and globe. Driving Biomedical Projects (DBPs) have both biomedical significance and substantial technical structural characterization challenges. DBPs are integrated with the Technology Research and Development (TR&D) projects and serve as the drivers and testbeds of developing technologies. Collaboration and Service (C&S) Projects show investigators how developed technologies can begin to answer their questions for structural biology. 

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Acknowledging the Resource

For any research project that received any support or benefit from the Resource for Native MS Guided Structrual Biology (including data, consult, method development, manuscript preparation support etc.), it is an NIH requirement to acknowledge the Resource grant number in any current or future publications. Citing the support grant is a critical performance measure when reporting annual accomplishments and productivity (ie publications) of the Resource to the National Institute of Health. This reporting is tracked by the NIH and is critical for continued funding and success of the Resource. 
****Acknowledge the NIH P41 Resource for Native Mass Spectrometry Guided Structural Biology (P41GM128577)****