TR&D 1

Improved Design and Integration of SID Technology for Multiple MS Platforms — Lead: Arpad Somogyi

Surface induced dissociation (SID) provides fragmentation patterns of protein complexes that can be directly used to determine subunit connectivity. Improved, simple to use, “vendor-neutral” SID devices will allow commercialization for widespread dissemination, with SID being integrated into multiple instrument platforms which have different performance metrics and costs. TR&D 1 will add an easy-to-tune SID device to each platform, while testing and improving native MS SID performance metrics.

Aim 1

Improve SID in Q-IM-TOF platform
  • Integrate ion carpet arrays into SID devices to facilitate SID fragment collection
  • Install in prototype Q-IM-TOF with higher resolution IM and MS

Aim 2

Improve SID in Orbitrap platform
  • Install SID/ion carpet device
  • Extend energy range for SID
  • Evaluate/improve performance in Orbitrap QE+ EMR and QE HF UHMR

Aim 3

Improve mass range and SID on an FTICR platform
  • Modify 15T FTICR platform with new high m/z selection, high transmission quad
  • Install improved SID/ion carpet device
  • Extend SID energy range
  • Integrate CID into design for non-complex work on same instrument